Oak Gliders

Finally, a glider for your porch with the same quality as all our other products!

Flip Footrest

When you purchase a Flip Footrest, you are bringing peace and comfort into your life.

Oak Chair

Our oak chairs are hand-made by Doug Mrock, and are a beautiful addition and complement our Oak Swings wonderfully. This will complete your whole set.

Oak Rocker

Our oak rocking chairs are hand-made by Doug Mrock, and are a beautiful addition and complement our Oak Swings wonderfully.

Handmade Solid Oak Porch Swing

Oak Porch Swings

Our oak porch swings are hand-made by Doug Mrock, which continues the Old World tradition of craftsmanship. Started by Herman F. Mrock, four generations ago.

Quality never costs as much as it saves!

Social Connections

Please join us on our social connections. It is a great way to see how others feel about our service and also ask questions about our services. You can find our links at the bottom of the oak swing website. For quicker references. Here are the links also. FacebookTwitterYoutube

Oak Swing Family

Family Discount

I have sold several pieces of furniture over the years. Usually, when one family member buys one of our oak products. Another person from the same family will buy a swing, rocker, etc. So I was thinking, with money being so hard to come by, I would like to offer a little savings. If you […]

A Life Time for an Oak Swing

I always try to build the very best product that money can buy, and with the economy the way it is, you have to spend your money more wisely. I always use oak lumber for my swings, rockers and gliders and everything I do. With using such a durable wood, I can garantee my swings […]

Porch Swing Videos on YouTube

Hello everyone, I was able to complete a video that I split up in to eight steps and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. The video goes from raw state of the wood to shipping it to your home. Please stop by and let me know what you think of the videos. YouTube Channel

Text or E-mail

With texting becoming so popular. I thought it would be a great tool for my valued customers and visitors, who would like to ask a question about our Porch Swings or any other Oak Product. This will get you a reply even faster. You are welcome to text me anytime at (423) 571-1839, but you […]

A Labor of Love

Welp, I finally got the video done  on the many steps it takes to make the most beautiful and durable oak swing on the web,. I take great pride of my heritage of building quality furniture. It is definitely a Labor of Love, I’m sure that I could cut corners on some of the steps […]

Christmas Time’s a’ Coming!

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  It seems like it was just Spring time.  I wanted to let everyone know that I am not a mass production company and all my Solid Oak Swings, Oak Rockers and now Oak Gliders, are all hand made, by me.  I don’t have several people in my […]

Big & Tall Oak Porch Swings

I had a friend of mine come over to my shop the other day, and we where talking just about everything, from porch swings to high school football (Go Huskies) and he said, do you ever build your Oak Rockers and Chairs wider for bigger people, and I was like, no, but that would be a […]

Production Video Coming Soon

Hello all, I will be making a video soon that will show some of the steps it takes making the best Solid Oak Swing on the web. In this digital world we live in today, you  have to do the best you can to be found and seen on the Internet. I will do the […]