About our Oak Porch Swings

When Herman F. Mrock (Great Grand Father) came to the New World, he brought with him Old World Craftsmanship. That's Four Generations that the Mrock family have continued that tradition. Custom Hand-Made Tennessee Mountain Oak Swings. We manufacture the highest quality, solid oak porch swings around. We start with the best, hand selected red oak hardwood. Then we plane, cut, and shape to precise dimensions. We hand sand every piece for a smooth surface. Finally we apply a mildew and UV resistant linseed oil finish for easy care and long life. Our swings are built to last a lifetime. Take a look at the Porch Swing Construction page to learn more about what goes into each handcrafted, solid oak porch swing. Visit the Customer Letters page to see what people have to say about their patio swings, about us and see some pictures of swings we have sold. A lot of the more frequently asked questions are covered on the FAQ page. If you don't find your answer there, contact me, I'll be glad to answer any question I can. View a Product Diagram or the Construction of a Swing Our Highlights:
  • Master Craftsmen of Tennessee Mountain Oak Swings
  • Custom Hand Crafted Swings available in several sizes
  • No nails, staples, or brads to pull loose
  • All edges rounded and sanded smooth - added comfort
  • Seat has a rounded front plate -  added comfort
  • Custom Hand Applied Finishes
  • Chains mount on swing frame - not through arms
Our swings do not require the mounting chains to be installed through the arms of the swing, as do most conventional mass-produced swings. Suitable for Porch or "A-Frame" mounting. Whether yours is a Victorian Home, Log Home, Cottage or Apartment, this is one of the finest compliments to any home. All lumber is prime oak, hand selected and air dried to a precise 12% moisture content. Some high grades of exterior oak may take up to a year to air dry just the way Doug Mrock wants. Once selected, Doug personally oversees the air dry process. Rough sawn Oak is hand selected for quality, air dried for exterior use, checked for proper moisture content, then sawn and planed to precise standards. The slats are heavy 3/4" fastened to the 1 1/4 x 2 1/2 heavy duty frame with countersunk wood screws, filled and hand sanded. All edges are rounded and sanded smooth for comfort. You'll find no nails, staples or brads to pull loose. This is not a discount house mass-produced swing. With the special attention to the curve of the seat and back of the swing, you will slide in and sit in comfort. These represent the finest, heavy duty oak porch swings you'll see. All made by hand, all by Doug Mrock. You'll find his name, swing serial number and date made burned into the back of each quality swing that passes his inspection. Herman Mrock would be proud of Doug's swings. You will be too.