Patio Swing Construction

Real, Solid Oak

All our lumber is local, southern, east tn red oak. Logs are carefully selected and sawn at the mill, then air or kiln dried. Once dry, the lumber is ready to be planed, sawn, shaped, and sanded to precise standards and then assembled into the finest swing money can buy.

How Firm A Foundation

Your handcrafted, solid oak porch swing begins with a hand cut, solid oak frame. Notice the extra thick main supports that bolt to the seat struts to form a ladder style framework. The chains attach to these main supports. Many others do not use this feature. Without these main supports, the chains must attach to the seat and back, which can cause the swing to twist and eventually cause screws to loosen. Our main supports provide extra durability and make your porch swing last longer. A house is only as strong as its foundation, right?  

Contoured For Comfort

The seat and back are contoured for comfort. Both the seat and back are shaped to match your seat and back for maximum comfort. Solid oak slats are custom cut for each swing to ensure a precise fit. Each slat edge is rounded for your comfort. The slats are spaced uniformly allowing air to circulate within the slats and inhibit moisture from accumulating on the wood.  

Screwed and Glued, But In A Good Way

All components are screwed or bolted together; not one nail or staple is used. In addition, each joint is strengthened by exterior rated glue. The holes in the slats are plugged and sanded smooth. For maximum strength and good looks, the seat and back supports are fit using half-lap joinery. 5/16" carriage bolts fasten the two pieces for a rock solid joint. All assembly hardware and finishing plugs are included with your swing.  

It Ain't Finished Till I Say It's Finished

After assembly, the swing is hand sanded, two coats of linseed oil are applied to seal and finish the swing. This oil based finish penetrates the wood fibers sealing out damaging moisture. Wolman™ F&P contains a UV protector to resist the damaging effects of the sun, and is tinted slightly to accentuate the natural beauty of oak and resist graying.  

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The last thing that gets done before your swing is shipped is that I put my brand on the swing. "Handcrafted By Doug Mrock"; What that means is that your swing wasn't mass produced in a huge factory, it was made one swing at a time. Your swing is then partially disassembled for shipping and delivered by the Big Brown Truck.