Big & Tall Oak Porch Swings

Big & Tall Oak Porch Swings

I had a friend of mine come over to my shop the other day, and we where talking just about everything, from porch swings to high school football (Go Huskies) and he said, do you ever build your Oak Rockers and Chairs wider for bigger people, and I was like, no, but that would be a great idea. My Oak Rockers/Chairs are very strong and could withstand a bunch of weight already. So, I will custom build a heavy duty Oak Swing,Rocker and Chair for the Big and Tall.  I hope this will help all the people out there that just can't find a durable well built piece of furniture.

About the Builder

Doug Mrock

Owner and Forth Generation Mrock. I always say, "There is no better feeling then sitting on your porch swing."

  1. Sherri Grelle says

    Do you make bench swings for tall people too? I live in California. Where are you located? Thanks!



    • Jeffrey says

      Hi Sherri,

      We are in Afton, Tn


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