Family Discount

Family Discount

Oak Swing Family

I have sold several pieces of furniture over the years. Usually, when one family member buys one of our oak products. Another person from the same family will buy a swing, rocker, etc. So I was thinking, with money being so hard to come by, I would like to offer a little savings. If you and a member of your family are interested in any of my pieces, that I will give a 20% discount on multiple sales within your family. All you have to do is email me what you and another one of your family member wants and I will add them together and send you the cost with the discount. I will also need the address to where they need to be shipped.

I also will give a 20% discount on any sell that is referred by a past customer. For example, if you purchased a swing last year and your neighbor would like one, have your neighbor email me with your information and I will give them a discount. For the person that referred them, I will also give them a 20% discount on there next purchase. I also will give a discount on mulituple furniture items. For example, I will discount on a rocker and swing, not a swing and chain, "Swing Mates" etc.

Any questions? Just use the Contact Us link at the top of our site.

About the Builder

Doug Mrock

Owner and Forth Generation Mrock. I always say, "There is no better feeling then sitting on your porch swing."



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