Patio Swings

Patio Swings

If you are looking to add a patio swing to our patio, feel free to visit the Oak Swings website,, where all of our patio swings are handcrafted and in order to make our patio swings comfortable, all swings are contoured and the slats used during the construction of the patio swings are custom cut to ensure that each slat is a perfect fit. Most patio swings are screwed together and after time, the screws tend to come out; however, since we use a combination of screws and glue for each of the patio swings, we guarantee that the construction is rock solid and all screws are fitted with finishing plugs which adds to the comfort and support of the patio swings. Before construction begins on the patio swings, we select the best quality raw materials, and we use red oak hardwood. This wood has been chosen specifically for the patio swings, as it is a durable and long lasting wood and once the wood has been dried out, the wood will be planned, cut and shaped and this will form the base for the swing. Once the foundation of the patio swings has been manufactured, the swings will be coated with a linseed oil finish, which allows the swings to be resistant to any mildew and to the harsh UV rays of the sun. There is no better way to end or begin a day than relaxing on one of our handcrafted patio swings, and because our swings are of such a high quality, they are found on thousands of patios in 50 states across the US.Before the patio swings are sold, each swing is stamped with a swing serial number and date, and this is the final stamp of approval and it tells a story of a genuine handcrafted swing that has not been mass-produced in a factory, but instead, has gone through several stages and offers the buyer a number of years of seating comfort. Doug Mrock learned the art of handcrafting patio swings from his father and in 1997 when the Oak Swings website,, began, it allowed buyers from all around the country to purchase the great value for money, handcrafted solid oak patio swings. In addition to the patio swings, Oak Swings also manufactures chairs and rockers and many of our buyers, who are so impressed by the durability and quality of the patio swings, often come back to purchase the chairs and rockers to complement the patio swings. Unlike the traditional patio swings, our swings do not have mounting chains installed through the arms of the swings, but we have designed mounting brackets, and because each of the swings can be custom made, we can create the perfect patio swings for any type or size patio. Do not spend money on mass-produced patio swings that are held together with nails and staples and which do not have half the appeal of our handcrafted patio swings. Instead, it is best to pay slightly more and enjoy the quality of our handcrafted solid oak patio swings. When browsing our site, feel free to view the construction process of our patio swings, or find out more about Roy Mrock, owner of Oak Swings.

About the Builder

Doug Mrock

Owner and Forth Generation Mrock. I always say, "There is no better feeling then sitting on your porch swing."



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