Wood Porch Swing

Wood Porch Swing

A wood porch swing has been used by American families for generations and more than providing comfortable, outdoor seating, the wood porch swing adds charm to a home. When looking to purchase a wood porch swing, it is important to select a wood porch swing which will retain its appearance and offer many, many years of comfortable outdoor seating. Oak Swings produces handcrafted wood porch swings, and in order to create swings which are long-lasting, durable and charming, Oak Swings takes extra special care to choose the finest quality raw materials, such as red oak hardwood. This great looking wood will then be planed, cut and shaped to form the wood porch swing, after which a linseed oil finish is applied to each wood porch swing, and this allows the swing to be protected against mildew and at same time, the linseed oil allows the wood porch swing to have a high resistance to UV rays. As opposed to other wood porch swings, Oak Swings’ handcrafted swings are not held together with nails, staples or brads and as such, the wood porch swing will not pull loose, and for added comfort and safety, the edges of each wood porch swing are rounded off and smoothed. Unlike other types of porch swings, the wood porch swing which is manufactured by Oaks Swings does not have mounting chains installed through the arms of the swing, but rather the wood porch swing has been designed with innovative mounting brackets, and because the wood porch swing can be customized, it can be made to suit virtually all styles of homes and all porch sizes. When the wood porch swing is made, each swing is stamped with a swing serial number and date, and this allows the buyer of the wood porch swing to gain the assurance that their selected wood porch swing is a genuine, handcrafted wood porch swing. As opposed to the conventional mass-produced swings, Oaks Swings takes extra time and care throughout the entire manufacturing process of each wood porch swing, which begins from selecting the best red oak wood, the cutting, and sanding of the wood and lastly, to applying the linseed oil coating. Doug Mrock is the owner of the company, Oak Swings, and he took over the business where his father left off, and in 1997, the Oak Swings’ website, www.oakswings.com, was launched and made it possible for buyers from all around the country to buy value for money, handcrafted solid oak wood porch swings. In addition to our charming wood porch swing, Oak Swings manufactures rockers and oak chairs and often, these chairs and rockers are purchased together with the wood porch swing. Nothing is quite as relaxing as a wood porch swing, and the swing allows families to enjoy the fresh air and their surroundings. Feel free to visit the Oak Swings website and see the various sizes and types of wood porch swings which are available, and find out more about how we can customize a wood porch swing to suit any need. Our website shows the different prices of each wood porch swing and the online buyer can see the construction process and the diagram for the wood porch swing.

About the Builder

Doug Mrock

Owner and Forth Generation Mrock. I always say, "There is no better feeling then sitting on your porch swing."

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