Wooden Porch Swing

Wooden Porch Swing

If you have always wanted to add a porch swing to your home, but have been unable to find the right porch swing, allow Oak Swings' wooden porch swing to change your mind and enjoy the comfort and charm which only a handcrafted wooden porch swing can offer. American families have, for generations, enjoyed the outdoor seating offered by a porch swing, and what's more, a wooden porch swing will bring charm and quaintness to any home. Those who have been unable to find a porch swing will discover that our wooden porch swing will offer years of comfortable outdoor seating. Due to the fact that Oak Swings handcrafts their own wooden porch swing, and extra care is taken during the selection of the raw materials used to manufacture the wooden porch swing, our porch swings are, in many ways, superior to the mass-produced wooden porch swings, which are found in regular retail stores around the country. The wooden porch swing is made from red oak hardwood, and once the wood has been chosen, the wood is then planed, cut and shaped and once constructed, a linseed oil finish will be applied to the swing, and this ensures that each wooden porch swing is adequately protected against mildew and the linseed oil also makes the wooden porch swing resistant to the sun's UV rays. When the wooden porch swing has been produced, the swing is then stamped with a unique swing serial number and date, giving the buyer the assurance that their chosen wooden porch swing is a genuine, handcrafted porch swing that has been made with care and expertise. Unlike the mass-produced swings, Oaks Swings manufactures each wooden porch swing individually and the process begins by choosing the best quality red oak wood, cutting, and sanding the wood, and finally applying the linseed oil coating. Oak Swings' handcrafted wooden porch swing are not nailed or stapled together and as such, the wooden porch swing will not pull loose, and to improve the comfort and the safety of the wooden porch swing, the edges of the porch swing are rounded off and smoothed. Most other porch swings require mounting chains which are fitted through the arms of the swing; however, the handcrafted wooden porch swing has been designed with unique mounting brackets and this negates the need for mounting chains though the arms. Since we manufacture all wooden porch swings, our porch swings can be fully customized, allowing them to suit any style of home and the wooden porch swing will be a perfect fit for all porch sizes. Doug Mrock is the owner of the company, Oak Swings, which he took over from his father. In 1997, the Oak Swings website, www.oakswings.com, was launched and now buyers from all over the country can enjoy the comfort and value for money which our handcrafted solid oak porch swings offer. Oak Swings also manufactures rockers and oak chairs and these chairs and rockers are often purchased together with the wooden porch swing, which allows the buyer to create instant, additional outdoor seating. The Oak Swings website shows the prices of each wooden porch swing and the online buyer is also able to see the construction process and the diagram of the porch swing.

About the Builder

Doug Mrock

Owner and Forth Generation Mrock. I always say, "There is no better feeling then sitting on your porch swing."



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