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Time to do some front porch swinging!

Well Summer is just about over, and the kids are getting back to school, but it’s just now turning into the perfect time to go out and do some front porch swinging. It sure has been a hot Summer down here in the South, hopefully these hot days will start cooling down where a person […]

Remember When

Remember when a summer would seem that it would last forever, and a day would go by slowly. Now, there is never enough time in a day. I miss going to my grandparents house after church and the whole family would bring a covered dish to add to the dinner table, and there was enough […]

Why Buy Our Porch Swings

I know there are thousands of websites that offer porch swings and it would be difficult to choose from. Some offer different designs, colors and types of wood, at low prices, but will they last? The only thing I can offer is a very durable swing that will be handed down to future generations. My […]

Custom Size Porch Swings

If you are looking for a bigger size porch swing, you are more than welcome to ask for a quote. I will build them in my style, just longer or wider, which ever YOU decide. I have built a few that are just plain huge!! The only problem when I build one longer or wider. […]

May Contest Winner

Oak Swings would like to announce the May winner of a Flip Foot Rest, Ms. Desiree Segura-April – Congrats Desiree!

Family Tradition

I don’t know why I love the smell of sawdust like I do, everytime I go into my shop, I feel relaxed, no stress, I just feel like I can stay there all the time and build anything. I would love to be able to get where my Father and Grand-Fathers where, a “Master Woodworker”, […]

Da Plane Da Plane

I went Saturday and picked out some beautiful red/white oak, it takes awhile to hand pick the best 1st grade oak out of a small forest of lumber at my local lumber mill. I love the smell of sawdust, but planning the lumber is not my most favorite thing to do, it takes about 20 […]

Consider the Materials

  Today’s porch swings are not like they once were; they’re made of thick,sturdy materials that are meant to accommodate more weight and more use. Let’s be honest, the average person today weights more than the average person did ten to twenty years ago,so everything need to be sturdier to accommodate this. When looking at […]

Why You Need A Porch Swing When Selling Your Home

If your home is on the market you may already know how tough it is to sell right now. Your probably competing with dozens of homes in your neighborhood, which means you need every competive advantage to make your home stand out. You may not have thought about a porch swing as a means of […]

New Products

I am excited to say that I will be adding new products to my website in the next few weeks or maybe sooner. I will be adding end tables and park benches. These pieces will be made of solid oak and matches very well with my porch swings and oak rockers and chairs. I am […]