Oak Gliders

Oak Gliders

Oak gliders hand-made by Doug Mrock continues the Old World tradition of craftsmanship started by Herman F. Mrock, four generations ago. "Quality never cost as much as it saves!!!" Oak Gliders Feature:
  • Real Solid Oak, unlike less durable cedar,pine or redwood
  • No nails,staples, or brads to pull loose
  • All edges rounded and sanded smooth
  • Seats and backs are contoured for maximum comfort
  • Swing seats have rounded front plate
  • Main cross support 1.25' x 3.25' Solid Oak!
  • Runners made of Solid Oak
  • Hangers that connect the seat to the cradle- all made of Solid Oak Each glider is handmade and quality built.
  • Dimensions: Length 67" x Width 26" x Height 36
These gliders are the finest made. With extra thick main supports, seats and backs, rounded front plates,thick slats attached with countersunk screws that are filled and hand sanded,your glider is built to last. It's as beautiful as it is durable. These aren't mass-produced gliders. Special attention is given to every detail of the gliders. They are the finest,heavy duty gliders,hand-made by Doug Mrock. His name and glider serial number are burned into each glider. Great Grandfather Mrock would be proud of Doug's gliders. You will be proud of yours too.  

Price: $599.99

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Oak Swings

  1. Jennifer says

    Hello, How does this Glider hold up to weather? I live in the Midwest so there is snow and rain. Thanks, Jennifer


    • Doug Mrock says

      Hello Jennifer, I have a “test swing” that I have left outside during every season ( Spring, Summer,Fall & Winter) since 1997, and it is still just as strong as the day I made it. With using oak, your swing or any of my patio furniture can handle the abuse of what ever Mother Nature has to offer, but if for any reason a part was to brake under normal wear and tear, I will replace the part for as long as you own the piece.
      I hope I have answered your question and if you have any more questions, please feel free to email,call or text. The number to text me is 423-571-1839.

      Warm Regards,
      Doug Mrock


  2. Mike and Carol Cichorski says

    Hi. Beautiful glider! Can you provide dimensions please. Does the glider come in different widths? If so, what are the prices. How long for delivery?


    • Jeffrey says

      Sorry for the delay in reply. The dimensions are Length 67″ x Width 26″ x Height 36. I also updated the dimensions in the description above.


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