Swing Assembly Instructions

Tools Required: #2 Phillips screwdriver ½” Wrench
Step 1
step 1 Unpack the contents of the box(es). 1- Seat Bottom 1- Seat Back 2- Arms 2- Screw Hooks 4- Eye Screws 4 -Oak Plugs
Step 2
step 2 step 2 Assemble the back and seat. Align the seat and back as shown, fitting the lap joints together. Insert one carriage bolt in each end to temporarily hold the seat and back together. Tighten the nuts finger tight.  Insert the remaining carriage bolts through the lap joint. Using a ½” wrench, tighten the nuts on the carriage bolts to secure the seat and back together.
Step 3
step 3 Attach the Arms. Position either the left or right arm and align the screws with the existing holes in the frame. Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, tighten these screws fully.
Step 4
step 4 step 4 Installing the hanging hardware. Insert a screwdriver through the hole in the eye to screw the eye screws into the main supports. Continue until the eye touches the support and the open part of the eye is toward the bottom. Use the closed end of the wrench to screw the hooks into the hole at the rear of the arm until the hook is against the arm. This is your chain guide.
When installing the above chain kit. Keep the swing as level as possible, flipover may occure. Simply push down on the back until the front is hard to raise up.
Step 4 Example
example 1 The 2 pictures on the left are examples of what the hardware should look when tightened properly from step 4.
Step 5
step 5 Insert the Oak Plugs. It is not necessary to use wood glue, but if you have some, put a dab on the plugs and insert plugs into screw holes on the Arm Supports and tap in flush. This completes the assembly instructions. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.
Step 6
example 2 Enjoy!